18 March 2021 -

The ribbon is cut at the railway overpass of Casoni Sant’Albino in Mortara

Inauguration of the railway overpass developed and financed by the Logistics Park

Mortara, 16th October 2013. Saturday 19th October at 11.00am, the railway overpass at Casoni Sant’Albino in Mortara in the province of Pavia, will be officially opened. This is the last of the works concluding the redevelopment of the ex SS 596 state road between Mortara and Tromello, completed by Polo Logistico Integrato di Mortara S.p.A., an ancillary services undertaking of the Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lombardia, which has been a stakeholder since 2004: the railway overpass replaces the double curve and level crossing in Casoni Sant’Albino.
Objective of works: to develop new road safety standards and improve the flow of traffic.
The entire road redevelopment project was designed and completed by Polo Logistico in collaboration with the Provincial Administration of the Province of Pavia for the acquisition of areas subject to works.
It involved approximately nine kilometres at a cost of more or less seven million Euros: eight thousand metres of road were upgraded and adapted to comply with regulatory standards, as well as being widened by up to twelve metres with the inclusion of road shoulders; four and a half kilometres of guard rails were installed and 35 drainage culverts were developed to ensure the continuity of waterways, including two particularly important ones on the Langosco and Cavour channels; numerous underground utilities were also moved and a roundabout was built at the end of the variant in the Remondò zone by the Associazione Temporanea d’Impresa Bragioli S.r.l. and Pecora S.p.A.
The Mortara Freight Village covers more than seven hundred thousand square metres divided into different zones dedicated to general services, areas for the general public and private road networks, a logistics park and intermodal zone.
The first warehouse will shortly be completed at 370 metres long and 80 metres wide, covering 30,000 square metres.
Intermodal traffic will consist in sixteen trains per week: during the first half of 2013, the total number of loading units was 19,658, transported by a total of 552 trains (the latter has recorded an increase of 27% with respect to the previous year).

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