Intermodal Zone

The economic growth of Lombardy begins in Mortara

The Intermodal Terminal within the Mortara Integrated Logistics Park is one of its kind in Lombardy. It covers an area of 110,000 m2 and features the most technologically advanced equipment to ensure optimised rail to road transit times and methods. Managed by the subsidiary company T.I.MO. s.r.l., the Intermodal Terminal has a potential capacity equal to 150,000 ITU (intermodal transport units) per year at full regime, with up to 9 pairs of trains / day with gantry cranes and the expansion of the rail fleet.

The Terminal includes:

  • an access line with combined transport code PC 45 (PC 400 in Oversize Cargo), soon to be PC 80 and maximum axle load of 22.5 tonnes (D4L);
  • a unit with three operational straight tracks 650-700 m long, in line with European standards;
  • an electrified line up to the operational tracks’ junction for push/pull operations using electrical locomotives;
  • a pick-up and delivery rail yard with 4 electrified tracks 650-700 m long, allowing the electrically driven arrival and departure of trains directly from the Terminal;
  • intermodal infrastructure suitable for the installation of gantry cranes;
  • an empty container storage facility.

Electrification is the most important strategical factor of the Intermodal Terminal, as this guarantees the possibility to directly manage the arrival and departure of convoys with electric locomotives, thus reducing manoeuvring times and offering an increasingly efficient and flexible service.