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8 April 2021 - Euromerci

Mortara Park – “P.I.MO” to manage

The majority shareholder is Polo Logistico Integrato di Mortara S.p.A.; also present, Cemat, Den Hartogh and Argo Finanziaria (Gavio Group)

16 March 2012 - Uomini e

Mortara: the electrified group of truck is up and running in the terminal

17 January 2012 - Trasporti Web

Intermodal train Mortara-Krefeld

14 November 2011 -

Canavese becomes the full-time station-master

1 October 2011 - il Giornale della Logistica

The added value of intermodality

1 June 2011 - il Giornale della Logistica

Mortara as European gateway

16 May 2011 -

Italy’s ports are setting up a system

At the “Transport Logistic 2011” trade fair in Munich

9 May 2011 -

The port of Savona goes to Germany

1 May 2011 - il Giornale della Logistica

Intermodal is born, logistics is made

It takes courage to erect a Freight Village between the logistics giants of Piacenza, Tortona and Novara, seeking to play a leading role as both an intermodal hub and point of reference for logistics operators at the new warehouses currently under construction

1 May 2011 - Trasporti News

“Transitects” is presented – gateway between Europe and the Ligurian Sea

The Project, financed by the Spazio Alpino transnational cooperation, proposes to develop innovative rail services for the transportation of goods, optimising accessibility to existing infrastructures and promoting road-rail-sea intermodal transportation.