Saturday, 21st November: Opening of the Intermodal Terminal of Mortara

To celebrate the reaching of an objective anticipated for years, an event open to all inhabitants

Mortara, 13th November – Saturday 21st November 2009. The official opening of the Intermodal Terminal of Mortara will be held starting at 10:30: It’s an occasion to celebrate the reaching of an objective that shall contribute to the economic fabric of Lomellina and create new jobs.

T.I.MO, the management company of the terminal, has extended an invitation to the party not only to the authorities, but also to the inhabitants of Mortara and the municipalities of the zone. The “doors” of the terminal shall be opened to anyone who wants to be at the opening.
The day of celebration shall begin at 10:30 with the official opening of the terminal, with ribbon cutting and simulated loading and unloading operations. Following at 11:00 there will be a conference involving Il Sole 24 ore Trasporti, with journalist Paolo Castiglia as moderator. The conference shall begin with the mayor of Mortara, Roberto Robecchi, chairman of the Pavia provincial government, Vittorio Poma, and the president of Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lombardia, Aldo Poli.

Other speakers shall follow: Andrea Astolfi, president of T.I.MO. on the topic “The Terminal of Mortara: An Opportunity and a Challenge”; Rocco Giordano, professor of economics of transport and logistics at the University of Salerno who shall speak on “Mortara: Node of the Euro-Mediterranean Logistics Platform”; and Carlo De Vito, M.D. of Sistemi Urbani SpA of the FS Group, with a report entitled “New Terminals with Interconnection Infrastructure of the Territory and Growth Areas”. Speeches shall also be given by Giacomo De Ghislanzoni Cardoli, president of the Pavia Chamber of Commerce, Raffaele Cattaneo, chairman of the Infrastructures and Mobility Committee of the Region of Lombardy, and Bartolomeo Giachino, undersecretary of state of the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport.

T.I.MO. – acronym of Intermodal Terminal of Mortara – was founded in June of 2008. A goose in flight was picked as company logo to underscore the desire for this ambitious project to take off. The majority shareholder of the company, with a 51% stake is Polo Logistico Integrato di Mortara S.p.A. Other stakeholders are Cemat, a company invested by FS Cargo and Hupac, with 25%, which has brought its experience in organising and managing combined road-rail transport; with 14% belonging to Dutch company Den Hartogh, a logistics operator specialising in the chemical industry supply chain; and 10% owned by Argo Finanziaria, a company belonging to the Gavio Group.

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The ribbon is cut at the railway overpass of Casoni Sant’Albino in Mortara

Inauguration of the railway overpass developed and financed by the Logistics Park

Mortara, 16th October 2013. Saturday 19th October at 11.00am, the railway overpass at Casoni Sant’Albino in Mortara in the province of Pavia, will be officially opened. This is the last of the works concluding the redevelopment of the ex SS 596 state road between Mortara and Tromello, completed by Polo Logistico Integrato di Mortara S.p.A., an ancillary services undertaking of the Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lombardia, which has been a stakeholder since 2004: the railway overpass replaces the double curve and level crossing in Casoni Sant’Albino.
Objective of works: to develop new road safety standards and improve the flow of traffic.
The entire road redevelopment project was designed and completed by Polo Logistico in collaboration with the Provincial Administration of the Province of Pavia for the acquisition of areas subject to works.
It involved approximately nine kilometres at a cost of more or less seven million Euros: eight thousand metres of road were upgraded and adapted to comply with regulatory standards, as well as being widened by up to twelve metres with the inclusion of road shoulders; four and a half kilometres of guard rails were installed and 35 drainage culverts were developed to ensure the continuity of waterways, including two particularly important ones on the Langosco and Cavour channels; numerous underground utilities were also moved and a roundabout was built at the end of the variant in the Remondò zone by the Associazione Temporanea d’Impresa Bragioli S.r.l. and Pecora S.p.A.
The Mortara Freight Village covers more than seven hundred thousand square metres divided into different zones dedicated to general services, areas for the general public and private road networks, a logistics park and intermodal zone.
The first warehouse will shortly be completed at 370 metres long and 80 metres wide, covering 30,000 square metres.
Intermodal traffic will consist in sixteen trains per week: during the first half of 2013, the total number of loading units was 19,658, transported by a total of 552 trains (the latter has recorded an increase of 27% with respect to the previous year).

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Mortara Freight Village announces its new location

Polo Logistico Intermodale di Mortara (PLIM) S.p.A. announces the signing of an important leasing agreement.
Just a few months ago, the construction of the first logistics building was completed, covering an indoor area of approximately 30,000 square metres. The building is an integration to the existing intermodal terminal, 2500 square metres of which are leased to the company Trasporti Van Dijk.
An area of approximately 20,000 square metres has now been leased to FDM Documents Dynamics.

FDM Documents Dynamics, a Corvallis Group company and a leading document management and consultancy firm for the planning, integration and management of document processes, has chosen the new warehouse situated at the crossroads with the most important road, rail and airport networks, at the heart of the Milan – Genoa – Turin industrial triangle.

The grade A logistics warehouse features a useful working height of 12 metres, a REI 240 structure, an ESFR sprinkler system, a loading bay every 350 square meters and is served by an intermodal unit on 3 operational tracks.

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Mortara Freight Village

Parcheggio Polo di Mortara

A selection of photographs from inside the Mortara Freight Village.



The new website of the Mortara Freight Village is now online!

Il nuovo sito del Polo logistico di Mortara è realmente la trasposizione digitale del polo logistico fisico, con tutto i suoi tratti distintivi e valori caratterizzanti: organizzazione, sinergia con il territorio, precisione ed innovazione tecnologica.[:en]The new website of the Mortara Freight Village is now online. A fully renovated digital space with new graphics, contents and communicative potential!
The main freight village areas are the true communication focuses: the Business Centre, the Intermodal Zone, the Logistics Buildings and the Personnel facilities become each a different subpage full of details, embodying a combination of innovation and technology.