Press review

6 February 2015 - Il Ticino

Logistics Park – Goal: 150,000 containers

The wager won by the Fondazione Banca del Monte, which invested in works to relaunch the local territory and Lomellina economy

12 November 2014 - L’Informatore Lomellino

Logistics Park: 20 thousand metres of document storage

Documents are stored at the Mortara Logistics Park

12 November 2014 - La Lomellina

Logistics Park, new employment opportunities in sight: agreement signed with new company

New employment opportunities on the horizon at the Logistics Park

31 October 2014 - – Lombardia

Mayors of Lomellina, more connections with Milan

Regional Council Delegation in Pavia for a 100-stop trip

25 October 2013 - Il Ticino

The ribbon is cut at the railway overpass of Casoni Sant’Albino in Mortara

The railway overpass developed and funded by the Logistics Park is inaugurated. Aldo Poli: “This is a huge step for the entire province of Pavia”

24 October 2013 - Il Settimanale Pavese

The railway overpass is inaugurated

The last works completing the redevelopment of the ex state road between Mortara and Tromello

23 October 2013 - Informatore Lomellino

The railway overpass is inaugurated amidst protests and toasts

Daniele Bosone: “Now we look forward to the Garlasco ring road”

23 October 2013 - La Lomellina

Overpass, the dilemma: “It’s too dangerous”

Opening clouded by protests

21 October 2013 - Il Giorno

The railway overpass at Casoni d’Albino is inaugurated

Nine kilometres of road for a total cost of 7 million Euros

20 October 2013 - l’informatore

The railway overpass at Casoni Sant’Albino opens on Saturday

Provincial and local authorities will cut the ribbon at 11am