Freight Village

Mortara, Lombardy’s Freight Village

The Mortara Freight Village is a point of reference in Lombardy and north-western Italy thanks to its exemplary logistical and intermodal services, boasting a strategic position with an integrated and innovative design.

The freight village covers an overall surface area of approximately 700,000 m2, integrating logistics with facilities for the transportation, storage and handling of goods.

The Mortara Freight Village includes:

The Intermodal Terminal covering a total area of 110,000 m2, including the freight modal interchange facility, which covers approximately 80,000 m2. The Terminal features 3 operational platforms each 650 m long, and 4 equally long pick-up and delivery platforms, completely electrified to allow direct arrival and departure with push/pull trains.

The Logistics Zone for a total area of 340,000 m2, including plans to develop an indoor area covering approximately 180,000 m2 through the development of 6 eco-sustainable, latest generation warehouses, surrounded by large green spaces. The first structure covering 30,000 m2 has already been built.

The Business Centre including offices, meeting rooms and a conference centre (available on request) and an adjacent structure dedicated to reception facilities and staff services featuring a bar, restaurant and hotel.

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