18 March 2021 -

The new website of the Mortara Freight Village is now online!

Il nuovo sito del Polo logistico di Mortara è realmente la trasposizione digitale del polo logistico fisico, con tutto i suoi tratti distintivi e valori caratterizzanti: organizzazione, sinergia con il territorio, precisione ed innovazione tecnologica.[:en]The new website of the Mortara Freight Village is now online. A fully renovated digital space with new graphics, contents and communicative potential!
The main freight village areas are the true communication focuses: the Business Centre, the Intermodal Zone, the Logistics Buildings and the Personnel facilities become each a different subpage full of details, embodying a combination of innovation and technology.

These are the actual beating heart of our company, constantly searching for the intermodal and logistics businessvanguard. Through the new website, we daily update the press office page with the latest news, conferences highlights, official press releases, press reviews and complete photo galleries.

The website is now more intuitive and engaging, thanks to an infographic style designed for an easy access inspired by the new Company profile. The information is framed in digital user-friendly structures that make the user able to browse and quickly find all the contents. The new website is developed with responsive design, just to give the best visualization options for every device, even mobile (desktop, tablet, smartphone).
Actually, the new Mortara Freight Village website is the real digital translation of the analogical freight village, with all its distinctive features: coordination, strong local ties, precision and fast-paced technological innovation.