Strategic position

In Europe, via Mortara

The Mortara Integrated Logistics Park and its Intermodal Terminal is connected to the Ligurian ports and metropolitan Milan through the transalpine crossings: Modane, Sempione-Lötschberg, Luino and Gotthard.

Given its strategic position in the heart of the Mediterranean, Italy has historically played a naturally strategic role in goods handling and commercial trading.

Mortara finds itself within this European and national context, representing one of the most important crossroads among the major corridors identified by the European Commission (the renowned Ten-T network), actively working towards becoming a major Mediterranean logistics platform. Intermodal transportation thus plays a critical role, reducing transport costs and supporting a sector with high added value.

The Intermodal Terminal and the Mortara Integrated Logistics Park are in fact located at the intersection of Corridor no. 5 Lisbon – Kiev (Mediterranean) and Corridor no. 24 Genoa – Rotterdam (Rhine-Alpine). They are also well connected with the Ligurian ports (Genoa, Savona, La Spezia), the transalpine crossings Modane-Fréjus, Sempione Lötschberg, Luino and Gotthard, and with the A4 (Turin – Milan – Venice), A7 (Milan – Serravalle – Genoa) and A26 (Turin – Piacenza – Brescia) motorways via the standard road network.