Environment and territory

Sustainability and low impact

The Mortara Integrated Logistics Park is deeply connected with its surrounding territory and considers the natural and human environment to be of primary value and a determining factor in sustainable economic development. For this reason, since its founding the Park has sought out constructive solutions to ensure energy savings and limit the emission of pollutants. The company thus developed a project including large green areas featuring native plants, in a very conservative style with respect to the characteristics of the occupied area.

The goose – a “typical” symbol of the territory

The territory is also the absolute protagonist of the Mortara Integrated Logistics Park logo, which even from a graphical point of view is inspired by the Lomellina goose, a domestic species that lives and breeds in the Mortara region.

The profile of the animal was developed by Pavia artist Marco Lodola, famous worldwide for his light sculptures. Several different sketches were initially produced, which today decorate the walls of the Freight Village’s Business Centre, somewhat likened to an art gallery. The final design, a light installation, welcomes operators and visitors at the reception desk and towers over the Freight Village.