Press review

20 October 2013 - La Provincia Pavese

“Roads, now the bottleneck is Garlasco”

A new ring road is needed, says Bosone. The overpass on the Pavia-Vercelli opens in Mortara

19 October 2013 - l’informatore

Inauguration and opening of the railway overpass at Casoni in Mortara

The overpass was developed by the Intermodal Logistics Park as part of the redevelopment of the entire section of road between Mortara and Tromello, defined as a social compensation project

19 October 2013 - Il Ticino

Ribbon cutting ceremony at the railway overpass of Casoni Sant’Albino in Mortara

Inauguration of the railway overpass at Casoni Sant’Albino in Mortara

18 October 2013 - La Lomellina

Saturday morning: the railway overpass on the Mortara-Pavia provincial road opens to traffic

The “ribbon cutting” ceremony at 11am in the presence of local authorities

17 October 2013 - La Provincia Pavese

Mortara, the railway overpass opens on Saturday

The railway overpass will open on Saturday at 11am, at Casoni Sant’Albinio in Mortara. This is the last of the works completing the redevelopment project for the ex 596 state road between Mortara and Tromello

24 September 2012 - il Punto

Broni-Mortara, waiting for new developments

The new motorway is a local project much anticipated for some time

6 June 2012 - La Lomellina

Pilot hangar at the Logistics Hub

18 March 2012 - La Provincia Pavese

Mortara, ten trains for Northern Europe at the Logistics Hub

12 January 2012 - Il Giorno

More goods trains between Mortara and Germany

Shuttlewise increases rail container traffic

11 January 2012 - La Lomellina

All aboard the first train for Krefeld