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8 October 2010 - inforMare

Agreement between the Port of Savona and the Mortara Logistic Park

14 April 2010 - Trasporti Web

Logistic Park of Mortara: new Board of Directors and Cemat leaves T.I.M.O.

24 November 2009 -

Intermodal Terminal: the ribbon cutting ceremony was held on Saturday 21st, in front of many authorities and a crowd of local citizens

The Mortara Intermodal Terminal was inaugurated on Saturday 21st November

19 November 2009 - Trasporti Web

Saturday, 21st November: Opening of the Intermodal Terminal of Mortara

1 April 2008 - LS Logistic Solutions

Mortara Freight Village

Interview with Andrea Astolfi, managing director of the company

1 December 2007 - il Giornale della Logistica

Small logistics parks are growing

1 October 2007 - Uomini e

Mortara Intermodal Logistic Park

1 October 2007 - il Giornale della Logistica

Intermodal transport management: agreement has been signed

1 July 2007 - Euromerci

An intermodal park in Mortara

A 600 thousand square metre park will shortly be erected in Lomellina. It will seek to represent the perfect integration between logistics and intermodal transportation, across an area covering more than 100 m2

1 July 2007 - Tutto Trasporti

Lombardy “stops” at Mortara

The development of the logistics market across the majority of northern Italy is in full swing. Some structures, in addition to the warehouses, also include possible access to intermodal transportation through a railway link