Industry press

25 April 2011 -

The (peaceful) war of the logistics hinterland

18 April 2011 -

Shuttlewise sets its sights on Italy

“Briefs” (Den Hartogh) describes its ambitious plans for development

4 April 2011 -

No April fool’s day tricks in Mortara!

The intense T.I.MO development programme is certainly no joking matter, seeking to become the cornerstone of freight handling between the ports of Liguria and northern European markets

1 April 2011 - Euromerci

Mortara Freight Village – Weighing things up

At a conference at the Freight Village offices, TIMO, the company responsible for managing the terminal, summarises the (positive) progress to date

14 March 2011 -

The first Logistics round table in Lombardy gets going

Constructive discussion in the Region of Lombardy

1 March 2011 - Euromerci

Operator formulas

Together we discover the priorities as indicated by operators themselves, to ensure the best development of intermodal transportation in our country

14 February 2011 -

Shuttlewise reinforces Mortara-Domodossola

10 January 2011 -

New Venlo-Melzo intermodal train operated by ERS Railways

11 October 2010 - International Ports & Shipping Information Service

Port of Savona and Mortara Logistic Park come to an agreement

11 October 2010 -

The agreement between the port of Savona and the Mortara Campus becomes reality